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What is Vietnam e-visa?

E-visa Vietnam is an electronic visa issued to foreigners entering Vietnam to travel, work, visit relatives with a short period of 30 days.

Foreigners are only granted Vietnam E-visa if they are in the list of 80 countries that are granted Vietnam e-visa .

Foreigners are only allowed to enter by E-visa at the list of 33 airports/border gates that are allowed to enter by e-visa .

Types of Vietnam e-visa

Based on the purpose of applying for Evisa, e-visa is

ided into 3 popular types as follows:

E-visa for tourists

An electronic visa issued to foreigners entering Vietnam for tourism purposes

Tourist Evisa is valid for 30 days and cannot be extended

Commercial E-visa

An electronic visa issued to foreigners entering Vietnam for commercial purposes such as working, investing, meeting partners, visiting factories, signing contracts. All purposes are related to the company in Vietnam.

Commercial Evisa requires a company in Vietnam to guarantee

Commercial Evisa is valid for 30 days and cannot be extended

See also: Procedures for applying for a commercial visa 

E-visa to visit relatives

Is an electronic visa issued to foreigners entering Vietnam for the purpose of visiting relatives, for foreigners who want to come to Vietnam to visit their spouses/parents/children.

Evisa for visiting relatives is valid for 30 days and cannot be extended

What documents do I need to apply for a Vietnam E-visa?

Dossier to apply for e-visa Vietnam is very simple, just a few steps you can prepare a set of documents to apply for e-visa Vietnam. Profile include:

Passport side: Take a clear photo, full ICAO line, valid for more than 01 month

Portrait photo 4x6cm: Take a clear face photo, without glasses

Also need to know more: The exact time of entry to apply for an evisa in accordance with the schedule, the expected airport/border gate of entry and the intended address of temporary residence upon entry into Vietnam.

Fast 1 day Vietnam e-visa application service

Normally, if you apply evisa Vietnam yourself , the processing time is about 05 working days. In case you have an urgent flight or need to go to Vietnam urgently to visit sick people or work. Please contact us immediately for support

Contact us immediately for timely instructions.

– Quick consultation on the process of getting visa Vietnam urgently , with results on time.

– Urgent support for cases where results are not returned, suspended

– Support consulting in urgent cases, urgent processing of electronic visa applications in 1 day

– Fast, accurate and with expert advice in English for foreigners.

Contact service via Hotline/Zalo/Whatsapp: 03.861.89.861

Some of our support services

Xincapvisa advises and supports Evisa services as follows:

- Evisa declaration service by tour, tour group

- 1 day urgent Evisa application service with results

- Evisa conversion service to visit visa, investment visa

For instructions on procedures related to Evisa Vietnam for foreigners. Contact Vietnam E-visa application service fast, urgent, fast, get results right away. Please contact us via Hotline: 03.861.89.861 for consulting services to apply for Evisa Vietnam

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